Reflect was created with the athlete in mind. The key distinction between Reflect and other companies that produce activewear is that we realize that real activewear starts with you.

Meaning, purpose, and passion are critical when it comes to sports, competition, and maintaining good health. Reflect realized that the activewear market was lacking in these critical areas.

The clothes don't make the person, but the person makes the clothes. Here at Reflect believe that when it comes to physical activity and competition, our mental preparation is just as important as the physical.

This is why we do what we do. Reflect is a combination of high-performance activewear, a like-minded community, and most importantly, YOU.

Our goal is to allow athletes and active people to truly become the person that they look at in the mirror.

Reflect is the brand that tells your story.

We are committed to providing the most efficient and practical activewear on the market, and telling the stories of thousands of athletes around the world. Because with Reflect, you're always connected.

Every day you look in the mirror, and you know who you want to be. Reflect. Be who you think you are.