As our society yearns for a more health conscious and active lifestyle. Our clothing choices have turned into a shell of our wants, desires, and daily activities.

Activewear, you say?

Activewear refers to utility apparel that improves the performance of athletes during fitness physical activities or sports (

We're starting to see an emphasis on different ways to workout, whether thats yoga, spinning, walking, bodybuilding, or simply enjoying being outside as a form of physical/mental fitness. Quarantining throughout the pandemic in previous years has taught us that we need to keep our bodies active.

The space is growing at a rapid rate

By 2027, IMARC Group expects the market to reach a value of US$ 500.55 Billion. That's a CAGR (Compound Average Growth Rate) of 6.1%, meaning the activewear market is on track for 6.1% growth year over year by these projections.

Inherently, we may be able to say that consumers will spend 6% more of their day being active, or at least planning to be. This should create opportunities for big gyms, small gyms, office gyms, apartment gyms, home workout equipment, classes, and online training.

So what are you going to do about it?

Reflect Apparel is strategically positioning itself to gain a piece of the activewear market share. By infusing our message into each and every product along with creating utility to enhance user performance, consumers will choose to wear their Reflect over any other brand.

Currently, our strategy includes promoting brand awareness, securing partnerships, providing partnerships, and innovating technology.

Everyone is an athlete. And for us, it's about athletes being able to tell their story through their own eyes, with what they're wearing.

November 06, 2022
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