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Reflect is inspired by those of us who are highly active for those of us who believe in what we have inside.

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We highlight those of us who are active to fuel the performance for all. Because with Reflect, you're always connected.

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Reflect is more than just activewear.

It's a reminder that you can always perform at your best, and inspire others to do the same. Real activewear starts with you.

How Do You Reflect?

Reflect is more than just activewear. It's how you tell your story. We do this through through interviews that we like to call Reflections.

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How do you Reflect?

Trinity Eason

College track (hurdles)

How do you Reflect?

Oliver Pratt

College soccer player

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How long are typical shipping times?

Shipping times vary beween 3-4 days. We will process your order within 1 business day.

Is Reflect also sold on other online marketplaces?

Yes (currently, no). We are working to create the option for Reflect to also be purcahsed on Amazon.

Note that there are advantages to buying directly on our website, like free gifts with purchase and discounts for eligible customers.

What makes Reflect different from other activewear?

Real activewear begins with you. Reflect is designed for the sole purpose to bring out the best in every athlete, while inspiring others in the process.

No other brand can honestly say that.

Can I be featured in a Reflection?

Yes. We are always looking to profile more people who resonate with what it means to Reflect. Click here to get in contact with us about this.